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Education & research services in the fields below are offered both:
– online
– face to face

Skill areas:
– Aural and harmony
– Analysis
– Music history
– Piano tuition

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Greg Smith completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours Class I) at the University of Newcastle in 2001. He was awarded a University Medal. Awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award, he undertook a Master of Creative arts, which he completed in 2003, studying performance practice issues in Russian Piano Music. This study was focused around the music of composers such as Arensky, Kabalevsky, Liadoff, Rachmaninoff, Medtner, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Sorokin and Tchaikovsky.

Greg lectured in academic studies (harmony, aural and history) at the Faculty of Music, University of Newcastle, from 2000-2005. He also taught at Avondale college in 2006, and has since tutored privately.

Education & research services in the fields below are offered both:
– online
– face to face

Skill areas:
Aural & harmony: Greg Smith has developed a unique approach to training the ear. Using this approach, students can quickly learn to:
– notate melodies
– identify and notate cadences
– identify and notate harmonic progressions


Analysis: Musical analysis from works of all genres

Music history: Understanding the personalities of composers and the culture from which their music grew, not just through serious study, but also through sometimes humorous accounts of their lives.
– articles

How can Emotemuse help you?

  • Collaborative research: are you researching a related field of the arts and require some input from the musical perspective

Piano lessons for all ages and levels is offered in NSW, Australia.
– Undertake exams or just learn for pleasure.
– Variety of styles: classical and jazz
– improvisation
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Piano method:
A new approach for the beginning pianist. The works are of incremental difficulty. They are designed to:
– encourage ensemble playing;
– promote equality between the left and right hands, bass and treble clefs
– focus from an early stage on expressive elements such as shape of phrase, dynamics, and articulations
– elements such as syncopation are introduced at a fairly early stage.

More about the Piano Method.

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