Fantasia on “I Saw Three Ships”

Fantasia on “I Saw Three Ships”
Composer: Greg Smith
Instrumentation: Trombone and piano
Product medium: PDF score and part

Fantasia on I Saw Three Ships (Greg Smith) - Sample

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The Queen Stands at Your Right Hand (piano)
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Hans Zimmer on the musical experience
Everybody tells you that the youth of today, whoever they are, have a short attention span, and you can’t give them anything decent. That’s complete crap. The youth of today, just like anyone else, like a good story and want to be transported, and to have an experience. They don’t want to be bored, so […]
Ask Me Why (Evacuation) (The Boy and the Heron)
Composer: Joe HisaishiArranger: Greg SmithTitle: “Ask Me Why (Evacuation)”, from The Boy and the HeronInstrumentation: Piano Solo This item is available from Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus.
Ravel’s fashion sense
Ravel was always particular about his sense of fashion.  As Léon-Paul Fargue recalled: Even when he was wasted by illness, Ravel never appeared unkept even among his closest friends.  All his life he kept the perfect, discriminating taste which led him to match his braces to his blue or pink silk shirts, much to the […]
Let My Tongue Be Silenced – Psalm 136 (137)
Title: Let my tongue be silenced Text: Psalm 136 (137) Composer: Greg Smith Instrumentation: SATB and piano (unison verses) Product medium: PDF score and part Sample:    
“Applause is a receipt, not a bill.” – Artur Schnabel, pianist Cited at Cited 30 March 2013. 
There is no failure
“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Elbert Hubbard, American author, artist, and philosopher
The piano as furniture
In the ninteenth century, the piano was not only regarded as a musical instrument but as a part of the decor a room. An article in The Musical Times in February 1893 describes some possible applications: Placed near a bay window, it shuts in the cosiest lovers’ next imaginable. Soft-cushioned window seats that have room […]
“The traditional sense of proportion is a hang-up. The usual Mozartean concept of how long an idea lasts becomes too predictable. Some of the composers who talk the most about avoiding predictability are the ones most victimized by this predictable traditional sense of proportion.” – Morton Feldman, American composer. Cited in: Tom Johnson, Remembrance, September […]
Musicians in Dresden in 1720s
”There was rivalry among the musicians in Dresden in the 1720s.  Daniel Heartz describes some incidents: Silvius Weiss, the famous lutenist, saw his livelihood threatened when he was attacked by a French violinist named Petit, who attempted to bite off the top joint of his right thumb.  On 13 August 1722 Veracini jumped to the […]