Music transcription

Transform audio into a notated score.  Music transcription can be particularly useful to composers and performers that incorporate elements improvisation into live performances or composition method. From cadenzas, improvised solos, to whole pieces of music; Emotemuse Music Services can provide music transcription services that suit your needs:
– Direct transcriptions: the exact ensemble performing is replicated (e.g., cello and piano to cello and piano; orchestra to orchestra)
– Adapted transcriptions (e.g., orchestra to piano; orchestra to an orchestra with adjusted instrumentation)
– Arranged transcriptions – transcriptions that are then arranged into a new form (e.g., additional counter-melodies added, alteration of harmonies, structure, etc.)

Instrumental forces:
– solo
– chamber ensemble
– choral
– bands
– orchestral


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The tone of the piano at the turn of the nineteenth century
In 1796, the piano maker Johann Andreas Streicher sent Beethoven one of his pianos as a gift.  Beethoven's reply sheds some interesting light on the tone of the piano at this time: There is no doubt that so far as the manner of playing is concerned, the pianoforte is still the least studied and developed […]
The Jankó Keyboard
The Hungarian mathematician, Paul von Jankó developed an alternate layout to the traditional piano keyboard. In July 1888, upon seeing a performance in London by John Carlowitz Ames, The Musical Times reported: The clever idea, which suggested itself to the inventor as a means for overcoming the difficulty of stretching long intervals on the pianoforte […]
Bernstein’s Workroom
Leonard Bernstein’s children have donated the contents of his main composing studio to Indiana University.   The contents include “Bernstein’s stand-up composing table; a conducting stool that may have been used by Brahms, given as a gift by the Vienna Philharmonic; an electric pencil sharpener; a telephone; an ashtray and disposable lighters; Grammy-nomination plaques; and […]
Mozart the philosopher
On February 19 1786 Mozart attended a masked ball disguised as an Indian philosopher. He distributed pamplets with riddles. One of the riddles was: If you are poor but clever, arm yourself with patience, and work hard. If you do not become rich, you will at least remain clever. – If you are an ass […]
The most powerful drugs
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kipling, British author and poet. Quoted in The Times, 15 February 1923.
Beauty Around Us
Title: Beauty Around Us Composer: Greg Smith Based on text by: Bernhard Severin Ingemann Instrumentation: Piano (easy) Product medium: PDF score     Related products:     – Beauty Around Us (hymn version)     – Beauty Around Us (full piano version)     – Beauty Around Us (mp3) SAMPLE:
Without music
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, in Twilight of the Idols
I need a better razor
Haydn reached London in the opening days of 1791. He passed his first night at the house of Bland, the music publisher, at 45 High Holborn, which now, rebuilt, forms part of the First Avenue Hotel. Bland, it should have been mentioned before, had been sent over to Vienna by Salomon to coax Haydn into […]
White Christmas
Accounts vary on where Irving Berlin wrote “White Christmas”. Berlin himself even recall differing circumstances on when it was penned. Some sources claim at was written at the poolside in Aizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Phoenix. Other accounts state that is was in Beverly Hills, California. In any case, the narration is set in […]